Webinar "Help for Caregivers: Understanding and Handling "Stubborn" and "Mean""

Rita Jablonski, PHD CRNP FAAN FGSA

Caregivers can feel hurt and confused when their loved one with dementia acts mean and stubborn. This 60 minute LIVE WEBINAR will help caregivers understand WHY the stubborn and mean behaviors are happening. They will also learn HOW to reduce and manage these behaviors. There will be a 30-minute LIVE question and answer session as part of this webinar. BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!

Dr. Rita Jablonski is a doctorally-prepared nurse practitioner who specializes in dementia care. She has authored over 60 publications and book chapters. She has been caring for people with dementia since her first job as a nursing assistant in a nursing home in 1982. A family caregiver as well, she brings science, art, and compassion to her webinars. Family caregivers enjoy her direct and successful approaches.

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